Questra Holdings Inc ( pyramid scheme and fraud, comments and analysis

Questra Holdings Inc ( pyramid scheme and fraud, comments and analysis

Material taken from – information is relevant for 2015-2016, before the changes in the scam.

Questra Holdings Inc ( Financial Pyramid and Scam: Reviews and Analysis:

As usual, the introductory part: According to all reviews and even a superficial assessment, Questra Holdings Inc ( is an ordinary financial pyramid, which does not attempt to prove anything. For obvious reasons, it wouldn't be too hard to notice scam (or fraud) in the proposal, but given the fact that Questra Holdings Inc ( was created by Ukrainians, and is brazenly promoted in Ukraine, Russia, and the EU, we just couldn’t walk away from this impudence and cynicism. So, the analysis will comprise of two parts; first – the direct analysis of the financial pyramid, and second – information about the creators of this Ukrainian scam and their past merits. Really? No kidding.

1) Let's start from the beginning; is Questra Holdings Inc ( from Spain or Ukraine? Given that after the creation and launch of Questra Holdings Inc ( scam (roughly – in summer 2015), the information that the company was originally called SFG Group and has been operating either from 2003, or from 2013 – is not confirmed by anything, that is, it can officially be considered a lie and deceit. Questra Holdings Inc is not registered in Spain; judging by the documents (screenshot below), it is registered in an offshore – the British Virgin Islands – under the registration number 1769610. These offshores (as many others) have the standard set of conditions – nominal owners, no authorized capital, no financial statements, regulation, control:
The documents, namely the ‘Agreement’, which originates from Spain, confirms this – it has offshore details all over it:

This concludes the legal part. Questra Holdings Inc is not registered in Spain, nor is there Questra Holdings Inc BVI’s representative office in Spain, as there are no documents whatsoever. Questra Holdings Inc scam’s bank account is not in Spain either; it is located in another offshore (Cyprus), where no money come at all in 99% of cases. It takes a few days to open an account; the price of opening of an account is USD 450, and there are no requirements; Information about the holder can be obtained only by a decision of the court of Cyprus (very funny):

Bank: Bank of Cyprus
Bank address: 121-123 Arch. Makariou III Ave, 3021 Limassol
IBAN: CY53 0020 0195 0000 3570 2022 5330
Reference: Payment according customer agreement with Questra Holdings Inc ID: (INVOICE NO)

Second bank details – everything is clear here; they are the standard details for online financial pyramids. It is impossible to check their account and flow of funds. Naturally, no decent company will deal with such financial instruments, especially in the EU. The account was created on 10.03.2015, which also shows an approximate date for planning and creating the scam; it is no 2003-2013, check Web Archive for confirmation.
Perfect Money E7165112 (Questra Holdings)
Account type: Verified, 427.9 Trust Score point(s) – at the time of launch

The only thing that went wrong for the Ukrainian scammers (in trying to show a high Trust Score of the account, which is an indication of the account holder’s country), which can be checked through the credits exchange Perfect Money, E7165112 stands for Ukraine. That is, the account holder indicated Ukraine in his profile, and not Spain; Perfect Money confirms this information.

In addition, one of the organizers of this scam, Konstantin Mamchur, won a competition and received a smartphone, and not from Spain, but from… Kiev. After this was mentioned, there was an attempt to explain this by saying the phone was bought in the country of residence, but there is an engraving  Questra Holdings on the phone – which destroys the whole ‘legend’ (waybill number of the invoice 59000129761402):

There are no visitors from Spain on Questra Holdings Inc’s website – and it is clear why; take a look at the data from Alexa.Com:

2) The office of Questra Holdings Inc financial pyramid is located at Av. Doctor Pedro Guillen, 5. 30100 Murcia. Spain (Working hours – Lunes-Viernes de 9:00 a 17:00. Sbado-Domingo: Cerrado). The office is not a guarantee of activity, and, moreover, it is not a guarantee of fulfillment of its financial obligations. Investors conclude a contract with an unknown individual who allegedly acts on behalf of the offshore company Questra Holdings Inc. The deceived party may defend its rights before the court of the British Virgin Islands, and not even in the Spanish court. Chances for a court hearing, just like chances of a refund are zero. Regarding the office:
Deceitful information about company registration – in 2013, the company did not exist; the documents were received in 2016, when the website was created. Moreover, Questra Holdings Inc never had a UK license or any other license in the UK, granted by private or state regulators of various markets (activity). Lie.

Video of a real visit to the office is available at the link (see here). We can say that the office is clearly not for investors, but exclusively for the mailing of letters (contracts); it does not conduct any activity whatsoever; employees are brought together from time to time for video and photo sessions. It is not known how many employees there are and what they are doing there, as the real work schedule and workload is also not known. Beautiful legend, and nothing more.

3) In the second paragraph, we mentioned the scam activity of Questra Holdings Inc; there are various kinds of it; first it was collection; we’d love to see an offshore company buying and selling some debts on the European (!) market, but alas, no chance:

Most recently, the Questra Holdings Inc profile has been somewhat changed, since collection activities are easily verified in the EU, and Spain is no exception; so now they are:
Information on the collection business is no longer available on the website, but what about the 10 years of successful collection activity? Lie.

It is important to note: None of the ‘legends of activity’ has been confirmed in any way, but people can write anything they like. But given the % paid by Questra, you can clearly and reliably say – as long as the money is green. But their activity does not generate 5-7% per week, plus office maintenance costs, commissions, taxes, commissions for payments, input/withdrawal of funds from Perfect Money, and the huge fee for MLM affiliate program. To generate the required % of income, Questra Holdings Inc should, , at the very least, sell heroin in Spain, but official sources keep silent about this, I hope the Spanish authorities will check this.

4) Let us assess the information from the official website of the Ukrainian scam Questra Holdings Inc and move on to the second part of review. So:
Changed their appearance on the move, as we discussed above. No confirmation of activity.

It’s been less than two years since 2015, but not 7-10-12 years. Lie.

Wonder if we can meet this man in reality and check the credibility of these pictures, or is it just photoshop and fraud, as usual? Pretty sure it’s the second. But if it’s the first, these people are not liable to you; it is the offshore company Questra Holdings Inc from the BVI, without capital and statutory fund, and with a dime a dozen of lies. With fake .pdfs of financial statements for advertising. Just like the fictional management companies Questra Holdings Inc.

It is easy for a fictional character to work since 2012, although Questra Holdings Inc has worked only since 2015. But it sure makes an impression! Wonder if the pensioners of Ukraine reach these pages, and not only the "Registration" and "My Account"?

No agreements, no documents, no contact or assets in Questra Holdings Inc and the so-called ‘Insurance Fund’. Only words and lie.

"25 professional managers work for you" – no confirmation, fraud.
"Managers themselves conclude contracts and conduct all transactions" – no confirmation, lie.
"Over 2015, our investors received 231,140,899 euro" – Yes, over 5 months in 2015 fictional investors generated fictitious profits of 2 billion euros, and there are no audits or confirmations of this, like financial statements or tax notes (it’s offshore, baby).
"We officially work with clients around the world" – yes, only on the reverse side of working with clients there is fake activity and a contract with an offshore company (worth USD 1,000-2,000), without assets and funds to cover all financial obligations.
"You can track your business in your personal account without leaving your home" – participation in fraud and scam from MMM creators in Ukraine can be hardly called a business.

From A to Z – unconfirmed information, a ‘legend’, as the financial pyramids call it, and we call it a Lie.

Questra Holdings Inc ( used to send such documents from a fake address, which was then closed:

A scam in Spain and Cape Verde from the organizers of Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,,

The old (Questra Holdings Inc):
It is more reasonable to begin with people around this scam, starting with employees. Everyone remembers the presentation video produced by Questra Holdings Inc (Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, in order to prove the existence of ‘business/office’ of the company. Studying the video, we see some individuals:


They are Ekaterina Levitskaya, Evgeny (director of the video) is Ekaterina’s husband (Evgeny Dudka):

All pictures have been saved, as well as data on relatives and friends in Spain, and in Ukraine (Russia). Most likely, the people were hired for video clips and work in the office, such as drafting contracts and sending correspondence. There is a lot of information, some of it is currently being verified; the material is to be updated:

The old (Questra Holdings Inc) – How scammers present dummy directors of the company:

Executive Director Neil Ploegsma, Financial Director Barry Smith, and Marketing Director Alex Wolf had nothing to do with (Questra Holdings Inc) scam, and their names and pictures were simply exploited; photo of the third person, Linkedin, was taken from a Linkedin profile; the man's name is Sufian Asfour and he is from Jordan; naturally, he is in no way associated with Spain and Questra Holdings Inc.

Another fail: Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (, with investments in an operating company:

Conclusions from the investigation:
– The specified company is 100% financial scam (pyramid);
Deposit taking is carried out through an unreliable electronic payment system (Perfect Money) and there is cash form of payment in the organizers’ offices;
– Investors are offered an overvalued yield of 5-7% per week, profitability is not confirmed by anything;
– A huge multi-level referral system;
– No licenses or permits for similar work in the CIS. The company does not have the status of an international fund, although it positions itself that way. Violation of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the part of investment activity between individuals and legal entities;
– Promotion of the project is carried out on questionable resources and projects frequented by financial pyramids;
– Symbiosis between MMM and MLM scam;
– Illegal activities in the territory of the CIS, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and the EU;
– It is reliably known that scammers of all ranks and MMM organizers are involved in the company;
– Cheating on the part of the company's past, term of operation, and activity;
– Use of an offshore company without statutory fund and assets, lack of real guarantees for investors, for contracts;
– Lack of tools for legitimate activities with capital (licenses, regulators, and audits), non-transparent work with finance using "legends";
– Pseudo-activity under the guise of collector activities (and activities in the IPO sector);
Illegal private activity, money laundering, and tax evasion on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and the whole EU.

Based on the investigation and the conclusions, Questra Holdings Inc, Questra World, and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (,, are a financial pyramid and scam.шаблоны для dle 11.2